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5 Good Practices to Lower Down Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the reason why people died from the stroke and heart attack. A simple headache may not be as simple if you also experience breathing shortness, numbness, and nosebleed. This is the first sign that tells that a person has hypertension. Before you feel chest and back pains, seizure, blurred vision and other critical symptoms of high blood pressure that needs immediate attention of the medical professionals, you need to practice healthy living and watch out your blood pressure reading. There are several ways to monitor your blood pressure. The blood pressure chart by age is a great aid to determine the healthy blood pressure for certain age. You can always take a look at the chart and when you found out that your blood pressure is high, you need to modify your habits and lifestyle. Here are few of the good practice that can lower your blood pressure, check them out below!

1. Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is the main reason why people get serious health problems such as impotence, heart disease, tuberculosis, and even hypertension. Hypertension is caused when the blood pressure of the person is high. Depending on the age, you can look at the blood pressure chart which is healthy and normal for you. The blood pressure chart by age is the most precise tools in order to check if your blood pressure is still normal.

2. Routine Visit With Your Doctor

There are many people who are unaware that they already suffer from hypertension because they do not visit their doctor regularly. It is recommended that you have a routine visit to your medical partner to check if your blood pressure is healthy. Some people also monitor their blood pressure at home using the blood pressure chart by age. This determines if they need to take medication and watch close their diet.

3. Give Time To Relax

Stress can greatly raise the blood pressure of the person. If you are in a stressful working environment, it is advisable that you also engage in meditation and other forms of relaxations so you can maintain normal blood pressure.

4. Be Active

High blood pressure is not only a health condition that can get from one's unhealthy lifestyle. This can also run in the family. If your parents or grandparents suffer from hypertension, most probably you are also at high risk of high blood pressure. To avoid the risk of high blood pressure, you need to engage in physical activity such as swimming or biking. This will reduce your chances to have high blood pressure.

5. No To Salt And Sweets

Foods nowadays are more on salt such as you can find in beverage and grocery section. Examples of these products that are high in salts and sugar are the sweetened fruit juices, soft drinks, canned goods, sauces, and frozen products.

Now that you are already aware how to lower your blood pressure, you can always get back into the right track when you see in the blood pressure chart by age that your blood pressure is not normal.

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